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January 12, 2013


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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 12, 2013, 11:12 AM
you probably noticed that last 2 months have been a clusterf#$k. and so will January.

my work schedule was beyond overloaded, and this January i have to finish my last issue of the artifacts comic, while pushing the issue 1 of aphrodite for top cow parallel with ravine and sunstone.

this January is where my schedule cleans up very nicely and then i can get to  spamming stuff oldschool style.

also.. just successfully converted entire first chapter of sunstone to print format ..and ended up 71 pages. since i will be publishing printed versions that contain 2 chapters per issue... the damn book will be the size of ravine...

i guess im a sucker for the graphic novel format.

now, unlike ravine, sunstone will be available here in its entirety. printed version will have  revised and improved writing and grammar + polished art.  so that those who decide to buy the book ...don't feel ripped off XD

i will probably post another strip fairly soon, but the real fun starts in february :)

now im off... people to draw , worlds to build XD

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I just found this, and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for...  Sunstone is brilliant!  Can't wait til it goes into print!
Yea , I love the art. And someone addressing my passion in a sane manor. Japanese style unanimated cartoon.
Well I don't know what format I could buy. I have a black and white Kindle . and generally don't buy comics or graphic novels. My mom might find it hidden behind the Clearasil. I really would love to see it as sort of a Japanese style cartoon on DVD like aEon Flux cartoon series not the movie (Which was fine for that movie ) I have been reading it on the computer but even now I think I would rather get a page at a time slideshow style . I am a huge fan. (no I don't still live with my mother it was sort of a joke.) I f it were made into a live action movie I would feel good for the author (money truck and all) but I am sure they would ruin it like they did 9 1/2 weeks. Just Jaeckin is probably dead . You know if a bad bondage trilogy can make millions just think what a good one could make .
id buy sunstone. hide it under my bed, its a guilty pleasure now
Take your time....just let us know where and when the printed version will turn up :)
mehrzweckraum Jan 16, 2013  Professional Photographer
can i come to croatia and pick up a printed version myself? and give the author a beer or two?
Any idea what the price of the GN will be?
Cant wait for printed version of the comics! I just wanna know will it be available for oversea delievery, cuz im kinda live in Russia... And not all companies send packages here.
That's great news ! Congratulations !
A question, though : Will Sunstone and ravine available for sale in France ? ? ?
I love your art, and i really would like to own printed copies you know ?
TyphaonX Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist
Can' t wait for a printed copy of Sunstone. I love the art and characters.
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