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and so ... the book can now be preordered...

ahem...dare i say... WOOOOOHOOOOOOO

crap, gotta go back to work, i have one week to finish the additional pages and get the next strip  done , wish me luck, sleep is for wimps anyways XD……

and there is sunstone book 1

and i am going full productivity mode!
cause this month i have to finish all the pre print preparations
and make a new lengthy strip as well....and make  some fun stuff here  :)
so lots of news coming soon

but till then, 
with my thanx to :iconyaponez:

so  while you are waiting for the dreadful terror of lisa's thank you to truly wreak havoc on everything XD  (no really it is gonna be both funny and true) i would like to encourage you to visit my wife's webcomic bloodestein (if you haven't already)



1 it is a fun comic
2 well drawn and written

3 actually in continuity with sunstone XD

no...really. sunstone is about half a year ahead chronologically, but ally's gaming friends elly and vlad are  the characters from bloodstein

bloodstone? sunstein? by shiniez

they have made some appearences in sunstone already

annoying idea by shiniez     escapism by shiniez

so i figure as we will be seeing them more in chapter 5.... you might find it a fun read...

notw back to scheeming and planning

ooooh the horrors of a thank you!!!!

i noticed a few people complaining about the drama in recent strips...

so i figured i would spare us all some hassle down the road...drama is coming!
drama is a result of actions and behaviors and you know this well. if i skimmed over it i would devaluate the character growths, and i would make a very funny but meaningless story.

yes, comedy will be back soon after, it will be present in the dramatic pages as well...but drama will happen. 

so my advice, take a few months off. leave this comic for a while. i mean this honestly without a shade of cynicism or sarcasm. :)

sunstone is in a way like a book and at best you keep getting a few pages of a book at a time.

so to fully see the importance of the small things , details, and behaviors, you might want to let this stockpile for a while

drama too will pass :) and i can promise you this, there is a massive payoff to it all at the end of chapter 5

just felt like i should come upfront with this so that there is no  misunderstanding of what is to come  in the next few strips!

aaand now back to work! HUZZAH!
these last six or so months you have noticed my output here was less than impressive

there has been a family health crisis which i will not explain in details , but suffice to say it caused  certain expenses to stockpile so i had to focus on paid work.

so fat this situation seems to be calming down to an extent but it is not likely something that will simply pass
so i can not guarantee  a vast improvement in the near future.

i do not need anything from anyone :) i am okay,  i am not here to ask but simply to explain so calm down as i can see already some of you there lovingly throwing money at the screens ...braking screens..and then blaming me for more broken screens XD

new sunstone is coming tomorrow, i thought i would have it done today but the sheer amount of people in the next strip  kinda slowed down the process so yes, tomorrow the new strip cometh, and then the one after it should be done within a week or so given that it is a breaking point and a very important  part of the story so i plan on doing it right

generally my plan is to have chapter 4 done by the end of next month and then til about january or february finish up sunstone completely.

after that i will probably take a month or two off to work out book 2 mercy that is pretty much centered on alan and the 4 relationships that defined his love life, one with ally, then marion, then sarah, and ultimately anne. ally and lisa will be a part of those chapters but  not the main part. 

aaand then we switch to marion's story... for a few chapters of that....

then we unite it all...

my point is... oh my god what is this neverending monsturosity i have createeeed??????

sigh..back to work
by :iconyaponez:  

and one that was pointed out to me from youtube :)

by :iconnodrog:

Tried to adapt a Disney song for Sunstone, can anyone do better? 

Make me kneel, Shiniez' Sunstone
(Let It Go, Disney's Frozen)

Leather gleams black in the dungeon tonight, 
 No condemning to be seen
A kingdom of perversion, and I want you as my queen.

Tension is building like a raging storm inside. 
 Can't stop this need, Mistres know I've tried. 
"Don't let this out, don't let them see.
Be the plain girl you always have to be.
Conceal, don't kneel, don't let it out."
Well now I'll shout!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 Can't deny this any more. 
Make it real, What I feel, 
 Throw open that bedroom door. 
I don't care that they'll have a cow. 
Let the games rage on! 
Hanfcuffs always excited me somehow.

It's funny how some bondage,
 sets all my feelings free.
And mundane worries that helld me back, matter nothing now to me!

 It's time to see what you will do,
 to test my limits and break through.
 No right, no wrong, your rules my plea.
 I'm free!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 I want this pleeding to be heard!
Make it real, What I feel, 
 I don't plan to safeword! 

Throw open that bedroom door. 
Here I kneel, and here I'll stay! 
 Let the games rage on...

Your presence fills up the room and all around
 My soul is spiraling in glor'ous flight above the ground
And one thought grips me like a leather glove, 
I'm never going back, I think this could be love!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 Let's not stop at the break of dawn!
Make it real, What I feel, 
 That doubting girl is gone! 
Don't hold back, I need you now...

Let the games rage on! 
Hanfcuffs always excited me somehow.

This is pretty rough, but inspiration bug bit me when I was trying to think how to adapt other frozen songs to Sunstone. 

This song is from Ally's point of view, near the end of chaper three.
Based on: Do you wanna build a snowman, Disney's Frozen

First two verses would be Ally's inner monologue, last verse Ally actually asking. 

Will this make you use your safeword? 
Or make you want to stay?
I cannot be completely sure
What things will make you purr
It makes me want to pray... 
It used to be just playing,
And now it's not
I think we could be much more...
Will this make you use your safeword?
I hope it doesn't make you safeword.

Will this make you  use your safeword?
Or make you want to run away?
I think some iniative is overdue,
I've started freaking out
'bout freaking out this way. 
It gets a little lonely, in this empty house,
Just want to invite you in...

Please, I'd like you with me,
Not just me in this house all week,
They say "Don't rush things" And I'm trying not
Things are so right with you, Please do not freek.
We only need each other
It's be you and me,
So Will you give it thought?
Will this make you use your safeword?

By :iconmaverickmuse:  

So, without further ado, here's Harper singing his own version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan to a fresh class of rookie dominants hoping to learn the ways of the dungeon.

I'll Make a Dom Out of You

Let's get down to business.

Learn to please your subs.

Think that you're a sex god?

Guess again, you scrubs!

You're the saddest waifs I've ever met,

but you can bet before we're through,

Honey, I'll make a Dom out of you.

Tranquil as a forest,

till the game's begun.

But remember safe words.

If they're said, you're done.

You can't tie a knot to save your life,

and you haven't got a clue.

Somehow I'll make a Dom out of you.

(I'm never gonna get this right.)

(Say goodbye to my whole sex life.)

(Head-harness ball gags really kick my ass.)

(My rope work looks like shit!)

(Hope he doesn't see I'm sweating.)

(Now I wish my sub had joined a yoga class.)

(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Take the game for granted

and it won't be long.

You start getting careless,

then it all goes wrong.

Too much hubris is dangerous,

and that will never do.

How could I make a Dom out of you?

(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.


(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

thank you everyone... and i hate you for putting those earworms back in my mind XD

and a hint about them in about 2 days  :)

new sunstone  will be here after 14th as by then i need to deliver death vigil 2 for printing....

but as i said...before that... there will be a fun hint pic :)
calm down , i am  making the next one, there have been some unexpected real life things, but the next strip is nearing completion.'s hot and humid like satans crack here XD i look at working on my computer with hate and despair!

but it must be done!
gotta plug this one,  this guy reviews webcomics, and in all honesty i never really thought sunstone would   ever be reviewed there.

dunno, just always had a mental idea of a webcomic being something with it's own site XD

anyhooo, here is the video review :) i must say i had a few good laughs XD

bad situation with cataclismic flooding in my country right now(croatia) so priorities are  shifted atm
i am in no  danger myself, but  there are family members  and friends that are currently in the threatened zone so  we are mostly focused on monitoring the situation 

so it will be a few days before the update
almost done with my  work here and updates will continue in a few days

thank you all for your patience... as these have been  a few challenging( not entirely bad) months :)
this thing with anne....

it may not be going where you think it is....

keep in mind when i first started this thing it was a bunch of drawings....

then characters started whispering to me...

but at this point they are pretty much running the show.

and they are taking it in a direction they want it to go :)

so consider yourselves warned
so as you have noticed there has been a severe drop in updates this month.

there has been a serious health issue in my family that has made me focus on paid work  for a month as a contingency

these   work tasks will however be done by march 10th and then we are back on posting schedule.

thank you for your patience
just want to have a journal to link to people who are curios as i just lack the time to answer everybody :)

1 yes sunstone will be sold in printed forrm as a  series of books

2 each chapter will be 1 comic issue

3 i am currently finalizing printing arrangements

4 printed versions will feature improved art and writing, by art i mean obvious tweaks in anatomy , inking and so on, by writing i mean streamlined  while keeping true to the material and  at times better worded... with less typos....



6  you might say it will be a  sort of a 4 big  parts to the story
first is the story of ally and lisa to a certain point, called sunstone
second is a story of alan and anne which will last about till chapter 12. ally and lisa will very much be featured in it vbut the focus will be shifted. subtitle of this one will be mercy
third will be about marion and james subtitled...not sure yet XD
fourth will be unification of all the stories with their respective finales

7 printed comics will feature extra pages unseen till now. by this i don't mean there will be hardcore sex or even more pages of sex (listens for a collective sigh)  extra pages will  be  there to polish out the storytelling and  offer some fun insights


standard strips will keep bein posted here first. and for free as usual.

printed versions are after all merely compilations of what is a webcomic in every sense of the way :)

once all the chapters are finished and books are out,  i will celebrate the end of this journey by giving away the full digital version of the comic.

not the one you have now, i mean the printed  comic version in digital format.
while i know many of you are eager to support this  story by buying the books, i also get that not everyone is able to.

i was there once myself. but i will not see you guys and girls  miss out on this .

so yes, ultimately all of you will see the finished version.

9 will there be hardcover editions?  if the sales numbers justify it. hell if it sells enough i might have a super deluxe leather corset bound editions XD

10 prices on printed books...that one i don't know. it depends on  printer and distribution and other misc costs. i presume it will end up being about 15 usd, but who knows, maybe even less as that end price is often cut down by   comic stores and amazon.  so that part is too early to say for now. i will keep you updated on it

that about sums it up i think.
so i just used the previously done stuff in a new context. there are very strong reasons for them being used  beyond the sheer usefulness of convenience.
i will post another strip in about 2 to 3 days so keep an eye out to that :)
today i woke up with my wife giddily urging me to check this bit of awesome XD...

Bloodstone by DarkerEve

and my mind being a compilation of stupid puns with a few coherent thoughts floating around here and there....

of course my first thought was...

hang in there anne XD
i'm working on the next strip atm. but post 21st of december i will have the time to spam out quite a few of them so that will be fun.

i am  currently juggling  ravine, aphrodite 9  twitch, and sunstone + upgrading the artwork and writing for printed version of sunstone,  as i have to get the book 1 done by years end so i can finalize the printing deal on that one.

now in 2014,  chapters 5 and 6 will be completed, thuseending the first "book" XD

then the second "book" begins called ... mercy...

(and no, i'm not that bloody pretentious to think them as books, just.. dunno, kinda fits given their   nature as separate but interconnected narratives)

aand some of you just had that look of.. oooooh i get it!
to you i say.. yes! it is exactly that :)

to all of you staring confusedly at the screen i say...

that too! XD
saturday 23rd :)

and in it you get the fun of seeing how context can really turn things around XD
so, time for some updates.

next week i will be posting the next strip and possibly another one. , by this i mean the next official chapter continuation. before that there is an alan ministrip i'm working on  that is just.. ..well.. something nice, ull see :) not trolling this time XD

now , on publishing.
so far i have gotten a bunch of offers by publishers  so that is not twhat is delaying it. personally i have my own preferance  so i will  probably take that road.

why it is still not out?
simple.  going from the webcomic to standard comic format required a lot of work in creative cropping and reformatting.

this brought with itself a problem with making the writing fit.

this was an impossible task which required me to rewrite the whole damn thing.
flow has been significantly improved. small errors in continuity fixed,(like ally telling lisa that the bathroom is third door on the left when it is actually the second door... SHADDAP THAT'S IMPORTANT!)

a lot of writing is being redone. now, have no fear, it's still the same  stuff, just better worded,  smoother flowing, and  less repetitive at times.

keep in mind that sunstone is very much made in a a stream of thought kind of writing, very minimal planning and editing in general. o the printed version will actually have that included.

i intend to keep everything good and smooth out  the  bumps here and there. and yes there will be pages added here and there

now some of you are feeling bummed out because you cant get the printed version where you live, or you just cant afford it

trust me i've been there. but you wont miss out.

because once i have published   a few issues i will be posting  updated digital versions here as a fresh new series of pdfs

sunstone never was a big moneymaking scheme,  nor was it motivated by financial gain.
therefore, print is for those who want it and can and wish to support the project.
but i know well that not everyone is able to do that.

so trust me when i tell you, you will miss nothing :)

we have aaalot of funtimes ahead

shit... this was all way too nice---- i must think of something trollish...

i'll get back to you on that one