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just so you know, if you all think you can't wait  for chapter 5, try wondering what it's like for me! XD

i have 3 massive bomb moments in it

1 the obvious one which comes at the very end

2 ally and lisa figuring out their   glitch

and 3

the big one that i have been building up for 4 chapters now XD
why is alan an asshole XD

seriously, i am shaking with glee here XD

trust me, it will be fun!
and till then...

Gcd by shiniez
so i recently realized i like twitter. 

i like it for the fact that it keeps all the updates under notices. it's limit of  size for messages helps  us all  keep our questions and thoughts concise, and it's easy to  follow up on stuff

so, if you want a quick and easy way to ask questions, and keep updated add me

@stjepansejic on twitter

you can also add me on facebook , but that thing is a mess

 i would like to reply all the questions here, but  with the sheer amount of works, and galleries and notes it is getting really hard to follow up on things.

so it is an easy way to get any answers you may be after.

now, as for chapter 5, i will start it off in march, but it won't go full speed before mid april. by that point i will have  cleared all the previously accepted projects and past that point i won't be taking on more work for hire stuff because... well, your support made it possible to actually focus my attentions on sunstone.

my apologies for the chaos that was last year. it was something that was out of my hands :)
this year...i feel i will be gaining control over my won creativity... and you made this possible.

i will not forget this.
Sunstone-tp-02-5608e by shiniez

so, sunstone volume 2 is officially announced for april…

aaand this time i won't be an idiot XD

i should explain XD

last year i made a comic called death vigil.  issue 1 sold relatively well.
and then i fucked up hard XD

see, i never knew that preorders regulate print runs for indie books. yeah turns out if you don't have movie money behind you you don't print that many issues because you are likely going to lose money XD

so as i didn't know about importance of preorders, i never mentioned them to fans and readers...

this reflected on the printrun of issue 2...and we underprinted.

aaand issue 2 became very hard to find and the book started tanking XD

irony was people wanted to buy it, it was just that there weren't enough printed.

i won't repeat this mistake again. i got burned hard once and that was enough XD

so , if you want to have a guaranteed copy , preorders are the only way to have them with certainty.

don't get me wrong, if you don't want a physical copy, this journal doesn't concern you :)

not here to push books on people but to make sure that those who actually want them can get them :)

so here is the current preorder availability list. this list will increase as i hope you will help me  cover more options if you have knowledge of them :)

book depository…

amazon general…

amazon uk…

amazon canada…

amazon germany…

and because amazon canada is  being utterly useless i'm gathering comic stores that carry the book and can have it preordered as well
so this store here offers mailing of the book

Big Pete's
128 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7M 2E5

Twitter : @bigpetescomics
Website :
Blog: bigpetescollectibles.blogspot.…

phone: 604-983-2325…

amazon uk…


amazon italy…

amazon france…

barnes and noble… opened their preorders for volume 2 as well
this is a store from which i personally order comics as well so i can vouch for their professional quality…

midtown comics offers a subsctiption for  sunstone…

chapters - i presume canada…



south africa…

turkey-this store in istambul offers preorders for volume 2

this is it for now
some fun teasers tomorrow :)
so... sunstone  book 1 was the fifth place on the top seller graphic novels  lists

this was your doing and you have my sincere thanks.

i did not expect this. sunstone was never supposed to be a moneymaker  project and will continue to be a free webcomic to it's very end. but your support meant a lot

last year was tough...

you noticed that my output was significantly lower...well... in the number of strips, but taking into consideration the much  longer strips of chapter 4, difference is not that drastic.

there was a reason for this. i kept alluding  to a family health crisis. i prefer to keep these things to myself
but now that this is behind us, i can say what made a mess of the year

my mom was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. day before book 1 came out she was admitted to hospital to have stents implanted and the procedure was a success.

last year i was operating under a constant prepare for the worst case scenario  kind of pressure.
to ensure i would be able to pay for any unexpected expenses, i took on more work than was perhaps healthy for me... but thankfully now that this is done and behind us i can stop taking on projects.

however, before i found out of sunstone's success, i took on one last additional project, this being an arc of a comic called rat queens. it is a fun book, that i personally like... between that, generation 9 and death vigil, my schedule till april is a bit of a mess but a doable mess.

however, time for the good stuff

this week i will be posting snippets of the final strip for chapter 4- just so you know that it is under construction- and it should be done by next weekend. it is a lengthy bastard XD

then after that i will take a few weeks off just to work on clearing my schedule before we venture into the final chapter of this story.

....beeefore i start on chapter 6 XD

but... there is some very good news.

you see... even tho i can't ditch the previously accepted projects, i will not be taking on any more after the current ones are done.

you made this possible, and the least i can do is  focus my output for the fans who surprised me with the overwhelming support :)

thank you everyone!
and with new year come updates and clarifications :)

so, 2014 was both amazing and crappy. those who were paying attention noticed a recurring theme of me mentioning a family health issue that made me focus on paid work in 2014

i don't like sharing details about this so i will leave it at this.

this has improved. it is not resolved but there is optimism. :) 
which is good for sunstone as i can focus on this more !


so as things are looking right now, chapters 5 and 6 will be done this year with some bonus stuff. in a week or so i will post the final  strip of chapter 4 in which we finish destroying what was built on poor unstable foundation. and then...

chapter 5. in which  a month and three weeks after their first encounter you get to see the moment :)

after that we will take a step back into the past as for the story to progress, you will need to understand alan....and to do that we will show his time in college with ally, their fallout and reuniting, his time with marion, and ultimately his last 2 defining relationships culminating with anne.

if you find these notes of mine to be haven't been paying attention XD. that is the point of sunstone.

you know it has a happy ending. i make no pretenses about it.
it is not about the ending, but about the journey.

now, about printed versions

book 2 with expanded and improved chapter 2 will be out in april. once that one is out i will post the digital version of book 1 here for free.

i made it clear from the get go that sunstone was not about making money and i stand by it. :)

i would post it immediately, but there is something to be said about not  pissing off the publisher XD

i will soon be annoying about the importance of preordering book 2 also...

reason is ma simple one. i was an idiot and learned much from death vigil.

comics usually sell a lot of issue 1's. reason are speculators. people who buy copies of first books of comics just in case  series makes it big, or is made into a movie and then they resell it for a large profit.

you would think this was a good is the kicker. publishers know this, so they usually overprint fist issues, and then print significantly less copies of book 2 as there is an expected massive dropoff in sales numbers.

so bottom line is this, preordering once again helps regulate the printrun numbers so if you want to own a printed book, i do wholeheartedly recommend it. 

if you don't want  a printed version then ... yknow... this part wan't about you :)

so anyhoo, for now amazon has opened book 2 preorders

amazon us…

amazon canada…

and because amazon canada is  being utterly useless i'm gathering comic stores that carry the book and can have it preordered as well
so this store here offers mailing of the book 

Big Pete's
128 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7M 2E5

Twitter : @bigpetescomics
Website :
Blog: bigpetescollectibles.blogspot.…

phone: 604-983-2325

amazon uk…


amazon italy…

book depository… opened their preorders for volume 2 as well…

midtown comics offers a subsctiption for  sunstone…

i will post updates as i find more:)

thank you everyone for another amazing year, and hopefully 2015 will be even better :)

so the book came out today,  

i am currently up to my eyeballs in finishing the next one, should be up in 2 days
and then the last one by years end :)

for those who asked for digital version comixology has it…

don't ask me why it is the same price as printed one... i'm just as baffled by that practice

anyhoo, merry christmass, happy holidays, oh and here are some reviews :)……………

sunstone issue 1 both variant covers by shiniez

i am working on the last 3 to 4 strips of chapter 4, depending on whether they will grow monstrously oversized.

and now, for all of you who are thinking of buying the printed version

second cover is unavailable for now due to a fuckup with solicitation... which happens to me with EVERYTHING XD
but this cover will be made and i will post all the info on this when i get the exact date :)

for the regular ally/lisa cover version:

i will paste in a journal all the preorder links we gathered so far, thanks everyone who contributed :)

 here is an image comics preordering helper for those who know how to use this :)…

bookdepository has it as well…

with apparently free worldwide that works is beyond me

now, some important info for people who want to actually buy the printed book , and haven't preordered it

preorders are crucial. this is not a book  you will likely find in any comic shop and just buy it there.  this is the fact of the business.

indie books aren't something stores buy in bulk and stockpile. truth is, they are rarely sure sellers, which means  that shop owners can't really dump an investment on stocking them as inventory and will rather use the money to stock up on a sure seller book, your marvel and dc books and your proven independent hits like walking dead, saga and so on

this is perfectly reasonable.  shop owners have bills to pay as well XD

this is where preorders and asking the store to put the book on your pull list helps. beyond that preorders generally dictate the size of a print run with indie books, so usually  if you are late.... and the book has not been a crazy seller....there is a likelihood that's all she wrote XD

meaning, the print was sold out and no reprint is planned

so , if you plan on buying the book consider the preorder, if not , it's fine with me, don't get me wrong, it's just, i learned a lot from my other comic death vigil about how this stuff works so now , i am a little bit smarter. and soon after death vigil is all done i plan on making a summary journal on experiences and what i have learned  from the whole  endeavor which might help some other  upcoming comic creator avoid  the pitfalls :)

so, here are preorder links i got so far, if you know of a store in your country that has preorders available feel free to note me and i'll add it to the list :)

so, in general, amazon has opened their preorders…

and for European people, has opened their preorders…

aand forbiddenplanet…

and here is an option on TFAW…

midtown comics…

aaand amazon canada…

and we have a barnes and noble preorder added to the list…

swiss preorder available also at……

amazon germany…


amazon uk…

amazon france…

amazon spain…

australia, so far i found this one……




so we just returned from the awesomesauce that was lamole convention in mexico

currently finishing the new sunstone strip so that will be up very soon

also image comics contacted me with this handy little preorder helper…

apparently it helps to track down a store  near you that will carry the book, but i can't really guarantee it, and don't know how that really works so if anyone tries it, please let me know :)

also for anyone confused by amazon's shifting of dates, that is not unusual, they  pinpoint the date the moment they have the confirmation that the books are packaged, and since it is gonna be out on  time, you will likely see it moved back to it's  december publishing date :)

now, off to work as 3 months is too damn long of a hiatus! i may have had good reasons for it,

trust me...i did have strong reasons....

but it doesn't mean that i am happy about taking this much time away from sunstone, so by the end of the year is my own hard deadline to finish chapter 4!


also this just in!…
so for anyone attending this convention next week, linda and i will be there sketching, signing, and if you are in the mood for it, talking your ears off XD

do not hesitate to visit us  :)

unfortunately we were unable to get any prints made because croatia....

so for those of you who really want a print to sign, we'll post some printable pics you can have printed yourselves and  bring them for signings :)
so, in general, amazon has opened their preorders…

and for European people, has opened their preorders…

aand forbiddenplanet…

and here is an option on TFAW…

aaand amazon canada…

and we have a barnes and noble preorder added top the list…

i will post update on the other cover availability as soon as i know the exact info, a bit annoying but we'll get there :)

and so ... the book can now be preordered...

ahem...dare i say... WOOOOOHOOOOOOO

crap, gotta go back to work, i have one week to finish the additional pages and get the next strip  done , wish me luck, sleep is for wimps anyways XD……

and there is sunstone book 1

and i am going full productivity mode!
cause this month i have to finish all the pre print preparations
and make a new lengthy strip as well....and make  some fun stuff here  :)
so lots of news coming soon

but till then, 
with my thanx to :iconyaponez:

so  while you are waiting for the dreadful terror of lisa's thank you to truly wreak havoc on everything XD  (no really it is gonna be both funny and true) i would like to encourage you to visit my wife's webcomic bloodestein (if you haven't already)



1 it is a fun comic
2 well drawn and written

3 actually in continuity with sunstone XD

no...really. sunstone is about half a year ahead chronologically, but ally's gaming friends elly and vlad are  the characters from bloodstein

bloodstone? sunstein? by shiniez

they have made some appearences in sunstone already

annoying idea by shiniez     escapism by shiniez

so i figure as we will be seeing them more in chapter 5.... you might find it a fun read...

notw back to scheeming and planning

ooooh the horrors of a thank you!!!!

i noticed a few people complaining about the drama in recent strips...

so i figured i would spare us all some hassle down the road...drama is coming!
drama is a result of actions and behaviors and you know this well. if i skimmed over it i would devaluate the character growths, and i would make a very funny but meaningless story.

yes, comedy will be back soon after, it will be present in the dramatic pages as well...but drama will happen. 

so my advice, take a few months off. leave this comic for a while. i mean this honestly without a shade of cynicism or sarcasm. :)

sunstone is in a way like a book and at best you keep getting a few pages of a book at a time.

so to fully see the importance of the small things , details, and behaviors, you might want to let this stockpile for a while

drama too will pass :) and i can promise you this, there is a massive payoff to it all at the end of chapter 5

just felt like i should come upfront with this so that there is no  misunderstanding of what is to come  in the next few strips!

aaand now back to work! HUZZAH!
these last six or so months you have noticed my output here was less than impressive

there has been a family health crisis which i will not explain in details , but suffice to say it caused  certain expenses to stockpile so i had to focus on paid work.

so fat this situation seems to be calming down to an extent but it is not likely something that will simply pass
so i can not guarantee  a vast improvement in the near future.

i do not need anything from anyone :) i am okay,  i am not here to ask but simply to explain so calm down as i can see already some of you there lovingly throwing money at the screens ...braking screens..and then blaming me for more broken screens XD

new sunstone is coming tomorrow, i thought i would have it done today but the sheer amount of people in the next strip  kinda slowed down the process so yes, tomorrow the new strip cometh, and then the one after it should be done within a week or so given that it is a breaking point and a very important  part of the story so i plan on doing it right

generally my plan is to have chapter 4 done by the end of next month and then til about january or february finish up sunstone completely.

after that i will probably take a month or two off to work out book 2 mercy that is pretty much centered on alan and the 4 relationships that defined his love life, one with ally, then marion, then sarah, and ultimately anne. ally and lisa will be a part of those chapters but  not the main part. 

aaand then we switch to marion's story... for a few chapters of that....

then we unite it all...

my point is... oh my god what is this neverending monsturosity i have createeeed??????

sigh..back to work
by :iconyaponez:  

and one that was pointed out to me from youtube :)

by :iconnodrog:

Tried to adapt a Disney song for Sunstone, can anyone do better? 

Make me kneel, Shiniez' Sunstone
(Let It Go, Disney's Frozen)

Leather gleams black in the dungeon tonight, 
 No condemning to be seen
A kingdom of perversion, and I want you as my queen.

Tension is building like a raging storm inside. 
 Can't stop this need, Mistres know I've tried. 
"Don't let this out, don't let them see.
Be the plain girl you always have to be.
Conceal, don't kneel, don't let it out."
Well now I'll shout!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 Can't deny this any more. 
Make it real, What I feel, 
 Throw open that bedroom door. 
I don't care that they'll have a cow. 
Let the games rage on! 
Hanfcuffs always excited me somehow.

It's funny how some bondage,
 sets all my feelings free.
And mundane worries that helld me back, matter nothing now to me!

 It's time to see what you will do,
 to test my limits and break through.
 No right, no wrong, your rules my plea.
 I'm free!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 I want this pleeding to be heard!
Make it real, What I feel, 
 I don't plan to safeword! 

Throw open that bedroom door. 
Here I kneel, and here I'll stay! 
 Let the games rage on...

Your presence fills up the room and all around
 My soul is spiraling in glor'ous flight above the ground
And one thought grips me like a leather glove, 
I'm never going back, I think this could be love!

Make me kneel, make me kneel! 
 Let's not stop at the break of dawn!
Make it real, What I feel, 
 That doubting girl is gone! 
Don't hold back, I need you now...

Let the games rage on! 
Hanfcuffs always excited me somehow.

This is pretty rough, but inspiration bug bit me when I was trying to think how to adapt other frozen songs to Sunstone. 

This song is from Ally's point of view, near the end of chaper three.
Based on: Do you wanna build a snowman, Disney's Frozen

First two verses would be Ally's inner monologue, last verse Ally actually asking. 

Will this make you use your safeword? 
Or make you want to stay?
I cannot be completely sure
What things will make you purr
It makes me want to pray... 
It used to be just playing,
And now it's not
I think we could be much more...
Will this make you use your safeword?
I hope it doesn't make you safeword.

Will this make you  use your safeword?
Or make you want to run away?
I think some iniative is overdue,
I've started freaking out
'bout freaking out this way. 
It gets a little lonely, in this empty house,
Just want to invite you in...

Please, I'd like you with me,
Not just me in this house all week,
They say "Don't rush things" And I'm trying not
Things are so right with you, Please do not freek.
We only need each other
It's be you and me,
So Will you give it thought?
Will this make you use your safeword?

By :iconmaverickmuse:  

So, without further ado, here's Harper singing his own version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan to a fresh class of rookie dominants hoping to learn the ways of the dungeon.

I'll Make a Dom Out of You

Let's get down to business.

Learn to please your subs.

Think that you're a sex god?

Guess again, you scrubs!

You're the saddest waifs I've ever met,

but you can bet before we're through,

Honey, I'll make a Dom out of you.

Tranquil as a forest,

till the game's begun.

But remember safe words.

If they're said, you're done.

You can't tie a knot to save your life,

and you haven't got a clue.

Somehow I'll make a Dom out of you.

(I'm never gonna get this right.)

(Say goodbye to my whole sex life.)

(Head-harness ball gags really kick my ass.)

(My rope work looks like shit!)

(Hope he doesn't see I'm sweating.)

(Now I wish my sub had joined a yoga class.)

(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Take the game for granted

and it won't be long.

You start getting careless,

then it all goes wrong.

Too much hubris is dangerous,

and that will never do.

How could I make a Dom out of you?

(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.


(Be a Dom.)

You must be sure as a coursing river.

(Be a Dom.)

Make all their dark fantasies come true.

(Be a Dom.)

A soul that burns with a wild passion.

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

thank you everyone... and i hate you for putting those earworms back in my mind XD

and a hint about them in about 2 days  :)

new sunstone  will be here after 14th as by then i need to deliver death vigil 2 for printing....

but as i said...before that... there will be a fun hint pic :)
calm down , i am  making the next one, there have been some unexpected real life things, but the next strip is nearing completion.'s hot and humid like satans crack here XD i look at working on my computer with hate and despair!

but it must be done!
gotta plug this one,  this guy reviews webcomics, and in all honesty i never really thought sunstone would   ever be reviewed there.

dunno, just always had a mental idea of a webcomic being something with it's own site XD

anyhooo, here is the video review :) i must say i had a few good laughs XD