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Ddsse by shiniez

so... i still keep getting asked whether or not i :

1plan on having a printed version of sunstone
2 do have a printed version of sunstone
3 and where people can get the printed version of sunstone

legitimate questions, not everyone knows this. :)

and because deviantart stupidly won't let me just make a featured journal i have to make these piece of crap posts every now and then as i don't have the time to reply every time, due to the sheer length of these replies

so, yeah!my annoyance is never with the people who ask :) it's with deviantart ugh


sunstone books 1 to 4 are available in comic book stores that decided to stock them. if you have a good comic book store, support them!

if you want them but can’t find them they are available from a bunch of online comic and book stores 

barnes and noble:







internationally available also from book depository…

for european market, search sunstone in amazon relevant to your country, so amazon france amazon spain amazon germany

there is also a german store that ships over europe that i personally use so i know they're good, archonia…

also forbidden planet in england…

and of course in several european countries such as poland, france, germany, spain, and italy, sunstone is in process of being translated and published. so if that's your thing, there you go :)

also, in canada through amazon canada and available through chapters…

once again, i'll try to update this list as i go... hopefully deviantart people will implement the featured journal post feature some day and i won't have to do this every two friggin months, ugh...

they should be up by about 18th,  but i will be posting them together cause they make a very lovely whole :)

just to spare you some f5s XD

but hey i will be posting some random stuff inbetween that so, it won't be all for nothing even if you do spam refresh XD

Fgjjfghfkjfgh by shiniez
Remember your safe word. by Figgarow

having many years ago been massively into creating costumes, i have nothing but love and respect for cosplayers.

but it is something truly magical for a creator to see their characters represented not just in looks but in personality. 

i was lucky enough to have this happen to me on multiple occasions. every time i smiled like a dork for the rest of the day.

welp...guess it's gonna be one of those days again!
SunstoneVol4OGN-Cvr-77a55 by shiniez

amazon has actually dispatched some before time  as it seems XD

anyhow, this week in comic book stores (that decided to carry it or you preordered from)

as for next strips, i am aiming for a strip per week atm so there should be another one by the end of sunday 28th of february
this is a slower starting chapter...but  it will have big payoffs   on all fields :)

cause let's face it... this is the last chapter of the first arc... i'm gonna bring it!
you are all awesome and hilarious! XD
just in case you ever have any questions, deviantart is a bit of a mess to catch on on every one of them, so youc an always ask on my twitter

@stjepansejic on twitter

or on facebook

i noticed tumblr has gotten quite decent with it's notes system so that might be of some use, but i use it a bit less,

twitter is by far the best for this because it's notification system is easy to keep track of.

also, should have 2 large strips up in a few days. aand now back to work
for those of you interested in my work method, here it is a bunch of silly videos of me doodling shit XD…

i got a bunch of stuff there
from comic pages, to illustrations, to 3d modelling... if you were ever interested in my work mehtods, have fun with it. there is no audio tho as these aren't professional or monetized videos  

and so on XD

programs used , photoshop cs3 for drawing, zbrush for 3d modelling, camtasia for recording

oh and there's no need to subscribe, i'm way too erratic and pointless with my uploads XD this is more for people who have been asking about my work methods :)

 my wife's creation bloodstein, a comic in continuity with sunstone.
an amazing fandub!

you can read the comic here
as you may have noticed, both this and nebezial account have been silent recently, hell, i haven't been updating twitter or facebook that much either

reason is simple, i injured my arm/shoulder..connection..thing... i don't fucking know , doctor isn't too sure it seems but assumes it's from drawing too damn much so i have had to slow down a tad.

i'm hoping this will subside son as i am working at a slug's pace...blech

ironically, i can play videogames on my playstation... and i don't feel like gaming....

like the one time i don't feel like gaming...i can do it.

fucking hell!

i may need some of this!
016 by shiniez

also a reminder, if you ever have questions for me, ask them on twitter, their notification system really makes it easy for me to see them. just so that you know , if i don't reply, i am not ignoring you on purpose...

except YOU! you know who you are!!!! :P XD but really, i am @stjepansejic on twitter

fuck it i gotta make some kind of a celebration pic or something this is ridiculous!

i only got nominated for something once before. it was a harvey award for new talent... how the fuck that happened is beyond me,  but this... i know how this happened.…

it's all you people! :)

i thank you for this, and i will be showing my gratitude in a more substantial way from end of november onwards. 

we are going to have a very fun year ahead of us all.

now about the past year...

for any and all of you wondering why things have slowed down over time... they have. i know. 
well i don't talk much about personal shit online. but to summarize these 2 years now.

last year my mom was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. for a while things were looking grim so in the second half of last year i had to take on much more work just in case things went bad and  helping out financially was the only thing i was good for at the time.

my mom made it through, not healthy, but better. 

then as i overworked myself my own health deteriorated leading to a thyroid crisis back in april to july. this had me step off from my brief stint on the rat queens comic.

it took me a long time to get myself back in working order.

then i got something wrong with my drawing arm's shoulder, cause, why the fuck not?

 then our cat got a tumor. so for the last few months we dealt with that until yesterday we had to put him down. 

it's been a shitty year on a lot of fronts... but still, every time i get here or you drop by on my twitter or facebook and drop a pun on m wall, i smile. 

thank you for this. 

for the first time ever i have a hard chapter deadline... thankfully it is already pre planned so it's all a matter of just sitting down and drawing it all out.

what's this deadline. well, chapter 5 needs to be complete by end of april, early may.
as it's tied into publishing in june and wrapping up the first arc.

sowhere does that leave us? well, there will be another strip this month, and then next month 2 more, and then pacing goes up to 4 + a month. not optional XD

so...good news everyone... i got people kicking my ass to move it XD

now after chapter 5 and the first whole arc is complete, i'll take about 2 months off.  i need to plan out the pacing of mercy, mos importantly all the timings need to align in that story as it begins during ally and alan's college days, then catches up with sunstone and then progresses it's story forward as well.

now if you are one of the impatient people, don't waste your time being dissapointed by checking here every day. it is disheartening, trust me i know, i do the same with some youtubers XD

just come back in a few months and binge it. or follow me on twitter and facebook,and you'll know when i update

now to help you kill some time, if you are interested, here you can read the entirety of my other comic death vigil…   not guaranteed you'll like, it, but maybe you'll find it fun :)

hell... it helps with the waiting... a bit XD
a wild alan appears XD

so i was just told about this XD……

npc's in elder scrolls online XDXDXDXDXD

i'll be here finishing a strip and laughing to tears XD
just editing this one because i still keep getting asked where you can get it online.

sunstone..a book about
Hkjh by shiniez

volumes 1,2 and 3 are out now and you can find them in comic book stores (that carry it)
and of course online. most of these stores listed carry all 3 issues so far :) links posted are for volume 3 but a search
will usually result with volumes 1 and 2 as well.

Sunstone-cover-v2 by shiniez

  71CiWDXvTwL by shiniez
117 by shiniez

also if you live in France, Poland Italy and soon Germany, there are translated versions of volume 1 published by panini.

i don't knwo how fast those will be coming out though.

anyhow, english version links (volume 3) search stores for 1 and 2

comic stores


forbidden planet…

midtown comics…

barnes and noble…


amazon canada…

amazon uk…

amazon fr…

amazon italy…

amazon germany…

amazon spain…

book depository- they don't have a picture for some reason………

chapters canada…


so :iconsigeel: and i will be attending san diego comic con, do some signings and sketches and what not, also we'll be doing pre convention signings in some comic stores in L.A. 

fun part is, we'll have prints. 

if these prove to be in demand there, we'll do additional printruns and have them up for sale through top cow store, so i'll get the links here  for those of you who like that kind of stuff :)

anyhoo, these are the sunstone  prints we'll have

Sunstone Print by shiniez

Sunstone Print2 by shiniez

Sunstone Minimal2 Print by shiniez

Sunstone Minimal1 Print by shiniez
sunstone..a book about
Hkjh by shiniez

you know the deal-

sunstone is an indie book, comic book stores aren't likely to stock on those as they are not a guaranteed seller so...

preorders , pull lists all that stuff are the only way you are guaranteed to get the book :)

i wholeheartedly recommend you buy it from a comic book store if you have one near by for 2 reasons

1- you will get the book sooner
2 it supports comic book stores ... i like those :)

book is out in august .

so here is the list i gathered so far, if you got suggestions , feel free to add them in the comments :)

comic stores


forbidden planet…

midtown comics…

barnes and noble…


amazon canada…

amazon uk…

amazon fr…

amazon italy…

amazon germany…

amazon spain…

book depository- they don't have a picture for some reason…

chapters canada…


so, some of you know, others don't really read text under the posts so i guess i'll have to post a journal

in short, my tablet issues have been resolved

my own health has, however imploded on me. i have had  thyroid problems for years now, it has been a few years wince i experienced a crisis that i am going through now, but suffice to say, i am at the moment unable to get much if anything done. 

i am waiting for my date with the endocrinologist hopefully it will me a simple matter of tweaking my medication.

will update soon.

i will compile printed book 3 preorder list as soon as i feel a bit better for those of you that asked. :)

this has been a bad year... i worked myself to the point where neither my technology nor myself could take it any more. and now i need to recover.

till then , if you are up for some reading, i posted my other comic death vigil here, so.... i don't know... it's better than nothing? XD…

Zuizi by shiniez
until my tablet arrives next week  i am  unable to do any work on the next strip... but if you want something to read, i am currently posting my other comic on my other account, so i dunno. it's better than nothing XD

more of this comic to be uploaded during the weekend

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial

death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial

death vigil 3 by nebezial