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FlyingRagePanda Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I love your comic so much! X3

As a lesbian, I find this so very relatable, and on so many levels.
As a submissive, I can relate to Lisa. As a Dominant I can relate to Ally. (I switch a bit. Hehehe) As a friend, I can also relate to Alan.

Now I'll admit that life has kept me preoccupied enough that I have yet to finish your story, but I literally had a fangirl moment until 6AM the night a sadistic friend showed this to me. Flailing may have ensured. Blushing surly did. (Gee, I wounder why I have trouble finishing? Ha!)

Seriously, you totally get the emotion, personality depth, and even the sexuality! That level of realism is a rare quality in a story. Your work has literally had me go on full-on fangirl squee-gasems, over chat with a friend, about how hot and accurate it is. I literally had chills, as I can so fondly recall doing similar things. >W< (Yes, even the bathroom bit. Ha! That is so true, and sucks so badly! XD)

All of my love! ^W^
Beautifully drawn and great story line
Wow...\ This is 90% better then any other comic I could ever hope for, or most stories in general for that matter. Plus, you have art skills that could make Picaso beg.... *continues to stare at screen in awe* There is no prase high enough that I can give you. Thank you for enriching my life with your work.
CrazyBunni Jan 3, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I am floored, your anatomy skills are just perfect, I think my favorite is your facial expressions, the details on the wrinkles and biting of the lip! ah!  Love it! please keep up the amazing work!
this was great! i hope chapter 2 comes out

nvm found it im happy
chapter 1 is awesome
lovely start well done
3rd reading it
I never thought i'd read a comic bout S&M that makes me go 'awww'...
great comic but numbering the pages would help
shiniez Nov 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
they are put in order.. and for those who lack the patience for browsing  page by page, i included a downloadable pdf :), there is a pdfs folder in the gallery :)
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