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February 24, 2012
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answer to the question is simple, i was gonna make this on valentines day... but... i saw something shiny...

yeah my power of concentration is borderline catlike

thankfully im fast so that usually saves my ass

aaanyhoo.. chronologycally speaking this one is 2 months in ally and lisas relationship as a couple, after xmass truthtelling enebriation

also it is about 2 months of aland and annes strange deapening relationship.. but that ine ill get into later on, me a buttload of pages to do there too

so.. how is marion with them here... well get to that too...crap i got a ton of work to do
... now .. sleepytime
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Lisa's outfit is so hot!
I'm one of your legion of fans. This is one of my favorite works. Lisa's submission to Ally that she would go out in public bound with the chance of discovery
is really really cool.
I would love to see a picture of Ally keeping Lisa bound all night in bed. something semi comfortable like what is wearing here. then a blind fold and a small
gag that would keep her from talking but not leave her sore the next day. It would seem to me that Ally would want to sleep with a helpless Lisa at least
occasionally. It would also leave options for some interesting play in the middle of the night or the next morning.....
My patience is usually epic, but my curiosity runs hand in hand with it. Marion comes back that soon?
I'd like to know more please.
So now that we know what happened to marion ...... is anyone noticing the skin on her hands looks like it is dead skin? and since you can see finger nails she's not wearing gloves >_>
They might just be really thin gloves. Depending on the material and snugness, you can make out nails through gloves. XD
Ravenjr Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist
is Cruella going back on the game??
So Awesome....just discovered you last week and can't get are a genius dude!
fun fact section:
adhd, what does it actually do to you?
it doesn't have anything to do with concentration so much as multitasking.
adhd makes your mind go from something like a computer chip with all of those nice pathways for doing multiple things at once, to a train without rails.

the instant anything grabs your attention it grabs all of your attention, like a train on an ice lake it's either going straight on or flailing wildly into a different direction.

i'm torn between whether i like your art or story lines more.
oooo I wonder who the new girl is!
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