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August 15, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
till someone almost loses both thats what safe stands for in ssc

and here you have it, mystery solved and i only saw one person guess correctly
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at first i am all like come on get to the porn, then i am all like this plot is good. thenn i am all like i got to see what happens next i sure hope they dont put in a porn seance.
Oh, my god.  No WONDER.  That explains so much.
B-Rosso Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
The last couple panels gave me..shivers? tingles?. Whatever, still great.
I've read through this more than once, and this time through, I finally noticed how much Ally has been scrubbing at her wrists this entire time.  Very nice touch.
Have been re-reading the comic. I can't help but being reminded of a sub friend by this page. She had a solid relationship and tragically lost her partner, who passed away. After mourning for a long time, mostly isolating and breaking down contacts, she chased a number of D/s and non-D/s relationships while turning her life into a rollercoaster. She kept pushing things too far until she met someone who outright refused to do anything intimate or D/s related until she'd go into therapy. Stuff finally got normal whe she learned to think rational again, accepting that no relationship would be the same as that between her late partner, and getting to the root of all the problems that caused her to constantly go beyond her (safe) limits. I guess when you're messed up by events, having access to something potentially dangerous is a bad idea when you lose the self-control to tell yourself stop or no.
Wow, glad she's okay and moved on but it's sad that Ally has been suffering from it for so long. I over think things too, but I feel sorry that she has it so bad 
A good friend would tell Ally that it wasn't her fault.

An honest friend would tell her that it was her fault, just as Alan and Marions'.
shiniez Sep 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
and a realistic one would point out that  letting someone taste bacon burger does not make you responsible for their  cardiac arrest years later. ultimately people make their own choices :) in this case, she was dragged in there by marion,  asked to do this by marion.

you will learn far more of that whole story  in chapter 5 :)
I meant that it was Ally's fault in a sense that she knew about the rules and willingly broke them. Rules are not out here for fun, so breaking them naturally has consequences. Just as Alan's refuse of Marion's demands for more and Marion's not very clever choose of tie.

I'll read another chapter as soon as time allows.
Will she ever play Paper Rock Scissors again?!
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