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sunstone issue 1 both variant covers by shiniez

i am working on the last 3 to 4 strips of chapter 4, depending on whether they will grow monstrously oversized.

and now, for all of you who are thinking of buying the printed version

second cover is unavailable for now due to a fuckup with solicitation... which happens to me with EVERYTHING XD
but this cover will be made and i will post all the info on this when i get the exact date :)

for the regular ally/lisa cover version:

i will paste in a journal all the preorder links we gathered so far, thanks everyone who contributed :)

 here is an image comics preordering helper for those who know how to use this :)…

bookdepository has it as well…

with apparently free worldwide that works is beyond me

now, some important info for people who want to actually buy the printed book , and haven't preordered it

preorders are crucial. this is not a book  you will likely find in any comic shop and just buy it there.  this is the fact of the business.

indie books aren't something stores buy in bulk and stockpile. truth is, they are rarely sure sellers, which means  that shop owners can't really dump an investment on stocking them as inventory and will rather use the money to stock up on a sure seller book, your marvel and dc books and your proven independent hits like walking dead, saga and so on

this is perfectly reasonable.  shop owners have bills to pay as well XD

this is where preorders and asking the store to put the book on your pull list helps. beyond that preorders generally dictate the size of a print run with indie books, so usually  if you are late.... and the book has not been a crazy seller....there is a likelihood that's all she wrote XD

meaning, the print was sold out and no reprint is planned

so , if you plan on buying the book consider the preorder, if not , it's fine with me, don't get me wrong, it's just, i learned a lot from my other comic death vigil about how this stuff works so now , i am a little bit smarter. and soon after death vigil is all done i plan on making a summary journal on experiences and what i have learned  from the whole  endeavor which might help some other  upcoming comic creator avoid  the pitfalls :)

so, here are preorder links i got so far, if you know of a store in your country that has preorders available feel free to note me and i'll add it to the list :)

so, in general, amazon has opened their preorders…

and for European people, has opened their preorders…

aand forbiddenplanet…

and here is an option on TFAW…

midtown comics…

aaand amazon canada…

and we have a barnes and noble preorder added to the list…

swiss preorder available also at……

amazon germany…


amazon uk…

amazon france…

amazon spain…

australia, so far i found this one……






my boss felt like trolling me today so... by shiniez
my boss felt like trolling me today so...
yeah XD i don''t have my print proof copies yet because i live in croatia XD

but he's got them XD

anyhoo, next strip coming in a few days , but i felt like forwarding this lovely bit of trolling XD


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Stjepan Šejić
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
a comic and videogame artist. primarily for top cow comics but i did work for other companies as well.
comics done so far- witchblade, ravine , artifacts, angelus, aladdin, sunstone, ravine, death vigil and countless covers for a bunch of companies.
videogames so far, serious sam hd, serious sam bfe




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MaverickMuse Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
So, is the plan still to have chapter four finished by the end of the year?  I only ask because I believe you said there were at least two strips left in the chapter and, well, we're running out of year.
Aonon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Preordered your book, really looking forward to it, but just had a quick suggestion for a picture. Since Ally and Lisa apparently like to cosplay, and the Korra/Asami pairing from The Legend of Korra is now canon, maybe have Ally cosplay Asami and Lisa cosplay Korra? Just a suggestion, I don't know if you even watch the show, after all ^^
Lantern1984 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I just found Sunstone and love it. This may be a noob question, but I have to ask: how often do you update?
shiniez Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
depends on the free time. this has been a slower year, because of a health issue with a family member that has forced me to focus on paid work, but in 2015 i expect a more frequent output, especially february onwards
Lantern1984 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I look forward to the new year then.
RoyceGrey Featured By Owner 3 days ago
They do not like each other.
shiniez Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
vlad and ally? no...and yes, they have a sort of an ingame rivalry thing going on XD
RoyceGrey Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Hey, are they in the same city?
squeejo Featured By Owner 4 days ago
so one week till sunstone hits has it sunk in yet..or just to busy too?
shiniez Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
it's still a bit surreal. i have published over a hundred comic issues so far of different comics, but this one is still  just a baffling event...

unplanned thing that just kind of happened XD
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