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and a hint about them in about 2 days  :)

new sunstone  will be here after 14th as by then i need to deliver death vigil 2 for printing....

but as i said...before that... there will be a fun hint pic :)


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Stjepan Šejić
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
a comic and videogame artist. primarily for top cow comics but i did work for other companies as well.
comics done so far- witchblade, ravine , artifacts, angelus, aladdin, sunstone, ravine, and countless covers for a bunch of companies.
videogames so far, serious sam hd, serious sam bfe



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nebezial Featured By Owner 2 days ago
panel is this weekend, this is why i am not updating the news :)
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MooskiNet Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's interesting - I'm not sure if it's something unique to graphic novels/comic books or if it's just because you spin a damn good yarn, but knowing where this story ends up (for the most part) doesn't make following the process any less addictive.  I've read quite a few books where the ending got spoiled (go go Internet), and that pretty much killed my desire to finish the book.

This stuff, I can go look at the wedding pic(s) if I want, I know that at some point Ally and Lisa are going to work through the currently building conflict (unless you're one sadistic mofo), but I'm still scratching my arm like a junkie, waiting to see what the next bit is, even if it doesn't advance the story.

Hats off to ya, man. 
lazmansway8 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
This comic... it started as a rekindled fire that I was seeking... but now  it's melted into a crippling addiction, sure their are other comics on the web that can temporarily sate said addiction but they have nothing on this, the art work is beautiful, their was never really a dark scene, it quickly engrosses you in the characters and the story, the outfits themselves are complex and just as beautiful as the scenes themselves and to the Sejic's both of you, good job in capturing the enigma that wraps Sunstone and Bloodstein together.

I am tremendously jealous of the abilities that you both share and am filled with the need to seek out more of your works, thank you both for filling the next few months of constant re-reading of your materials
Bikewer Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Just finished Death Vigil.  The artwork is, as expected, excellent.  However, what I really liked was the story and the characters.
Good storytelling is as important as good artwork, and this has got me wanting more....
PolkaNinja Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I'm sorry.
I was trying to be funny and it came off as demanding and intitled.
Won't happen again.
nebezial Featured By Owner 5 days ago
no worries, as taekki said msot of us got it that way :)
menalaos1971 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Don't let him off so easy.  He didn't say the safe word.  8)
Taekki Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I think that most of us already got that funny part..
On the other hand - it's always nice to nail another example on the wall.

-_-' not literally of course.
That would be rather messy.
tpnmvz Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Congrats on Death Vigil. Status update?
MaverickMuse Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist

While we all wait patiently for the next Sunstone strip, I have something I'd like to share...well, repost, actually.  You all probably remember Nodrog posting his adaptation of "Let it Go" (retitled "Make Me Kneel") from the movie Frozen a while back.  What you may not know is that he posted a second adaptation of a Frozen song not long afterward.  However, he posted it as a reply to his original song, meaning it has been buried in the comments since day one, and may not have been seen by some people.  I, for one, find this thought most distressing, since this second song is even better than his first.  So, in an effort to ensure that this person's exceptional work is viewed by as many people as possible, and to help tide everyone over until a new Sunstone strip is posted, I present Nodrog's "Will this Make You Use Your Safeword."  All words from here on are his, not mine.

This is pretty rough, but inspiration bug bit me when I was trying to think how to adapt other frozen songs to Sunstone.

This song is from Ally's point of view, near the end of chaper three.
Based on: Do you wanna build a snowman, Disney's Frozen

First two verses would be Ally's inner monologue, last verse Ally actually asking.

Will this make you use your safeword?
Or make you want to stay?
I cannot be completely sure
What things will make you purr
It makes me want to pray...
It used to be just playing,
And now it's not
I think we could be much more...
Will this make you use your safeword?
I hope it doesn't make you safeword.

Will this make you  use your safeword?
Or make you want to run away?
I think some iniative is overdue,
I've started freaking out
'bout freaking out this way.
It gets a little lonely, in this empty house,
Just want to invite you in...

Please, I'd like you with me,
Not just me in this house all week,
They say "Don't rush things" And I'm trying not
Things are so right with you, Please do not freek.
We only need each other
It's be you and me,
So Will you give it thought?
Will this make you use your safeword?
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