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don't mind this one,  i't jsut that i have been gettign a lot of questions where to preorder

anyhoo, if you have  queations and i miss them, you can ask me on 

@stjepansejic on twitter
and on facebook as i have finally realized why followers couldn't post  questions.... it has a lot to do with me being an idiot XD

and also, i am a punny dumbass so if you want your brains hurt... you can follow me XD

Zjjhgjh by shiniez

anyhoo here is the reupload, and as usual if you see some option that isn't on the list  i do appreciate  you sharing it :)

while you are waiting by shiniez

so, sunstone volume 2 is officially announced for april…

aaand this time i won't be an idiot XD

i should explain XD

last year i made a comic called death vigil.  issue 1 sold relatively well.
and then i fucked up hard XD

see, i never knew that preorders regulate print runs for indie books. yeah turns out if you don't have movie money behind you you don't print that many issues because you are likely going to lose money XD

so as i didn't know about importance of preorders, i never mentioned them to fans and readers...

this reflected on the printrun of issue 2...and we underprinted.

aaand issue 2 became very hard to find and the book started tanking XD

irony was people wanted to buy it, it was just that there weren't enough printed.

i won't repeat this mistake again. i got burned hard once and that was enough XD

so , if you want to have a guaranteed copy , preorders are the only way to have them with certainty.

don't get me wrong, if you don't want a physical copy, this journal doesn't concern you :)

not here to push books on people but to make sure that those who actually want them can get them :)

so here is the current preorder availability list. this list will increase as i hope you will help me  cover more options if you have knowledge of them :)

book depository…

amazon general…

amazon uk…

amazon canada…

amazon germany…

and because amazon canada is  being utterly useless i'm gathering comic stores that carry the book and can have it preordered as well
so this store here offers mailing of the book 

Big Pete's
128 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7M 2E5

Twitter : @bigpetescomics
Website :
Blog: bigpetescollectibles.blogspot.…

phone: 604-983-2325

chapters canada…

amazon uk…


amazon italy…

amazon france…

barnes and noble… opened their preorders for volume 2 as well
this is a store from which i personally order comics as well so i can vouch for their professional quality…

midtown comics offers a subsctiption for  sunstone…



south africa…

turkey-this store in istambul offers preorders for volume 2


preorders open on TFAW…


first strip under construction

Rzrz by shiniez
early version for 2nd print cover sunstone vol 2 by shiniez
early version for 2nd print cover sunstone vol 2
hopeful optimistic dream of a second print mind you! XD

still tweaking but, here is to hoping XD

so, this was initiated by this cover for volume 1

sunstone 1 alternate cover by shiniez

at first i planned to have printed versions came out with variant covers. like this

sunstone issue 1 both variant covers by shiniez

but as it turns out they don't do variants fro graphic novels/trade paperback format comics.
so the best deal i could get was if the first run sells out the second print gets a new cover.

we are not quite there but i am carefully optimistic/ hopeful.

just to clarify some possible suggestions i get
i had people ask about possibility of maybe doing a hardcover version with these covers, 

thing about hardcovers is , it's an investment. a big one from both my end and the end of people buying them.

i would love to make them but it is simply too early to plan fot that, or for collected editions and many other things.

truth is, comics are an uncertain business. usually with issue 2 many people who like the books will forget to either preorder or tell the comic book stores to put the book on their pull list...

so stores adjust their orders after issue 1 and they are usually significantly lower. sometimes it is because people just don't like the book, but way too often it is because people just don't know how the business works.

stores order batman, spiderman and other sure sellers like that. 

to independant comics...they give a chance.
they order first issue.
some stores don't even do that

so with this uncertainty hanging over the comic , for now it is simply too early to make any big plans. if things keep going well, i will open polls on what you would like to see us make, from tshirts to prints to hardcover issues and so on.

till then, i will merely indulge myself with small hopeful pieces like these XD

but , you never know, fingers crossed :)
sunstone volume 5 cover by shiniez
sunstone volume 5 cover
sunstone volume 5 cover finished for now, i'll probably do a few more passes on it but for now i'm pretty happy with it
it's a good day! by shiniez
it's a good day!
as i am in a very good mood, here is the sketch for sunstone chapter/book 5 cover

i have just finished book 2 and delivered it to  my publisher, and started work on chapter 5
i got a huge smile on my face and  ready to get this ball rolling!



shiniez's Profile Picture
Stjepan Šejić
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
a comic and videogame artist. primarily for top cow comics but i did work for other companies as well.
comics done so far- witchblade, ravine , artifacts, angelus, aladdin, sunstone, ravine, death vigil and countless covers for a bunch of companies.
videogames so far, serious sam hd, serious sam bfe


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Ghost047 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Keen for chapter 5. April is here.. Hoory!!
Bahriel Featured By Owner 1 day ago
love this series.

You haz cosplay followers! kind of surprised me.…

thanks for an awesome comic, can't wait to see where this goes :)
sumwunelse Featured By Owner 1 day ago
ok, so you don't do commissions.  I get that--and I wouldn't want you doing anything that keeps all of us from more Sunstone-y goodness.

I am however in desperate need of an artist collaborator for a "private" (audience of one, more or less) BDSM-themed comic book.  Can you make a suggestion or two of someone who would be up to that task?  Thanks. 
ArcherSera Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
When is the next sunstonnnnnnne T_T
shiniez Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
when it's finished. working on it :)
Jaquina Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Just curious: What do you think of 24/7 BDSM realtionships?
shiniez Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
hard to maintain.  not impossible. some make it work  quite succesfully, but they require massive dedication which in today's busy world often proves hard

these relationships aren't what some might think either. it's not spending all the time tied up or anything like that but it is in a way like playing a roleplaying game in character most if not all the time. 

if you don't have the mindset for it it will get stressful , but if both he dom and the sub can pull it off...well... they end up living in an interesting world of their own :)
Lightbringer258 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your work. Keep it up, you're doing great!
shiniez Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :)
Tienz113 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Feel like those weird final fantasy names would make for a joke that fits in sunstone.
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