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i noticed a few people complaining about the drama in recent strips...

so i figured i would spare us all some hassle down the road...drama is coming!
drama is a result of actions and behaviors and you know this well. if i skimmed over it i would devaluate the character growths, and i would make a very funny but meaningless story.

yes, comedy will be back soon after, it will be present in the dramatic pages as well...but drama will happen. 

so my advice, take a few months off. leave this comic for a while. i mean this honestly without a shade of cynicism or sarcasm. :)

sunstone is in a way like a book and at best you keep getting a few pages of a book at a time.

so to fully see the importance of the small things , details, and behaviors, you might want to let this stockpile for a while

drama too will pass :) and i can promise you this, there is a massive payoff to it all at the end of chapter 5

just felt like i should come upfront with this so that there is no  misunderstanding of what is to come  in the next few strips!

aaand now back to work! HUZZAH!


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Stjepan Šejić
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
a comic and videogame artist. primarily for top cow comics but i did work for other companies as well.
comics done so far- witchblade, ravine , artifacts, angelus, aladdin, sunstone, ravine, death vigil and countless covers for a bunch of companies.
videogames so far, serious sam hd, serious sam bfe



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HazyCosmicJoe Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Professional Photographer
So when are they going to do the ice bucket challenge
nebezial Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
as if i need more distractions XD i'm trying to make the next strip XD
Perpendikular Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
hahaha, nice idea))
Fringostar Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
In Germany, lives a woman who claimed that these pictures were her. They've painted it. Published the pictures on Facebook. The link is…
Claimed Shiniez would only sell the pictures. Would like to have information about it. Think this woman is a fraud.
Thank you very much
nebezial Featured By Owner Edited 22 hours ago
don't stress about it, it's the internet. i get my works stolen so much nowadays that i would lose my mind trying to hunt down 1% of it only XD

but i do appreciate you caring :)
MysticSK Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Pile on the drama! It makes them all the more real. Besides, a good story, like good sex, needs both tension and release.

And we have to build to that magic moment when each introduces the other to their parents as her girlfriend. Now THAT will be drama! XD
WBIsland Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I want to give you the monies! But Sunstone isn't in print yet! Sad times!
sledge2071 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You want to get together a bunch of folks who like BDSM and you think there will be no drama? Let me quickly disillusion you of that.
CogitoRobot Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I love your comics! Do you post your updates or comics on other sites like Facebook or Tumblr? I don't normally visit DeviantArt so that's why I'm asking.
ripkin05 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
i didn't get to sleep till 4 last night cuz of you thank you tho 
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